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13JAR02 Temp Ban
Bypassing World Guard, Abusing Bugs and Chat Offense in WoK Towny MineCraft

Player: 13JAR02

You are being punished for Bypassing WorldGuard in the Staff World (used for events and mini-games); additionally for Abusing Bugs in the setups to gain creative mode and use plugin configuration exploits to steal items and transfer them to the main survival world.  During this process you also engaged in Chat Offenses adding drama to other players and disrupting the smooth flow of the server.

You are punished with a Permanent Ban from the Staff World and will not be allowed to use mini-games, server events or arenas.  You also receive a six day temp ban from the network for the first two rules you broke; and an one hour temp mute (slap on wrist) for your chat offenses...

You are welcome to appeal and plead your cause, however your punishment has already been reduced because you came clean and returned all stolen goods.

Please take time to reflect on your actions...

Thank you for your attention.


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