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[Needs Improvement] Builder Application for Wok Evaluated by Saabertooth
Hello, my building style typically consists of traditional houses. I like to focus on the details. In the link below, it will take you to a google drive that has the provided pictures needed for the builder application.

I was a builder on the server back in 2013, but obviously times have changed. I reapplied and got accepted about two years ago, but recently I lost the information associated with my Minecraft account. Now, this is my third application because I have a completely brand new Minecraft account. 

Ign: Edge51eeper

Thank you for considering my application!
Hello StClair!

Unfortunately these 2 builds are outdated because of the techniques you used in your builds are what we used to do in the past, it's not the same standard were looking for. The exterior can be cleaner by removing the stairs indents in walls as well as buttons, same can be said for the interior. I would recommend you to build on the guest plots wok has so you can receive constructive criticism from other players.

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