Ban Appeal
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Reason for ban: Deliberate Toxicity and constant Advertising
Banned on: January 20th, 2021

To Whom it May Concern,

I want to sincerely apologize for my behavior in the past. Over these past few months, I have given myself time to reflect upon my actions and I realize how I went about things wrong. I was very upset because I felt that I had been wronged by many individuals whom I trusted in the past, and this blind anger led me to direct it to people who in reality typically didn't deserve it. In my mind I was standing up for my beliefs, but after awhile... it became a consistent pattern of behavior that I had fell into habitually exhibiting on the server. Instead of allowing myself to lose my temper, I should have taken the time to calm down and  let things settle down.... at the end of the day, this is just a game where we come to have fun with our friends.. I shouldn't have allowed any in game issues to effect my judgement. In addition, I realize how me inviting players to the PK discord server can be seen as indirect advertising, as it may have appeared that I was trying to poach players away from the wok player-base. However, I would like further clarification of this issue in the future, as I believe it is a blatant invasion of privacy... and the main thing that led to my resentment towards the WoK community at the time. I firmly believe that anything involving other servers should only be punishable IF it includes the WoK playerbase while on the SERVER (such as DMs between players while online, or anything said in a public chat setting.), It should NOT be punishable if it occurs outside of the WoK jurisdiction. (Just my thoughts on the matter, and I am open to discussing this further). I apologize for the trouble I have caused to the WoK community thus far, as I hold WoK in a special place in my heart, and have for a very long time. I look forward to what the future brings, and putting this phase of resentment behind myself! 

Thank you,

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