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Application for Builder - Chicco_o - 11-May-2020

Hey Smile

im Chicco from germany and i would like to apply to become a builder on WOK, because i think it has a lot of very skilled builders a wonderfull community. I have a few years of buildingexperience and had been part of some smaller buildingteams before but they eventually stopped. I really enjoy building in a modern style. I recently starded a modern house, which isn't quiet finished, but i would like to finish it on the server if the application is accepted. I added some older builds to the pictures. These are just some planes and a futuristic spaceship. 
You can have a look at the pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/6nKnwm2
I hope you like it Wink

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

IGN: chicco_o

RE: Application for Builder - jnsankar - 13-May-2020

Hi Chicco!!

Thank you for applying! Smile After seeing your builds, I like your ideas and what you’ve been doing! I think you might want to look around our modern towns and look at some of our new builds, and you can take those updated design trends and apply them to your build.

I really like how you enjoy our server and I’m always happy to welcome new excited builders! I am going to accept this application and wish you the best of luck! Let me or any of the other staff know if you need help!