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Building Application - donnythedons - 08-Sep-2019

Hi Flex, you said my first build is looking good but I needed to post a second building which was furnished. Well here it is. It didn't let me reply to your reply so annoyingly, I had to create a new thread. This building takes some inspiration from a British modern home I saw, which features cobblestone in parts (to give it an older, harder look). I built this today and it was my first build on the WoK flows 1.14 tp. I am not sure if it is good or not, decided to try something which wasn't mostly one colour this time. Please let me know what you think  Heart

​​​​​​https://imgur.com/a/l3Ipvho (if link doesn’t work please copy and paste into google, dk how to get it to work)

P.S. I didn't have time to soften it up with trees and bushes, sorry lol.


RE: Building Application - Flex - 09-Sep-2019

Interior is looking good exterior is kinda basic but not bad. I think you should get a shot - welcome!