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Builder Application Evaluated by Saabertooth - Mars - 19-Dec-2021

Ign: Iamfrommars


RE: Builder Application - IAm_dbsmArt - 25-Dec-2021

Dear Iamfrommars,

Thank you for your application, I see you have put quite some effort into your application. However, there are a few tweaks I would advise you to make before I can accept your application.

- download the server resource pack and use it when building (also in photos). (you can download it by doing /faq on the server and clicking on the first link)
- Tour around the server and try to imitate realistic interiors, perhaps even copying elements from real interior photographs
- The traditional townhouses also will need more facade detailing to bring it to life a bit more (the server has many examples)
- The interior needs more sophistication and try to avoid survival-like furnishing techniques.

I'm confident you can improve very fast seeing the effort you put, and I look forward to a second attempt.

Best of Luck!!!