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Appeal Punishment, Discord,Forums,Server - calebjstelter - 13-Oct-2021

  • Player Name Anal Babe
  • Ban Length (Only bans for 3 days or more need a ban report)
  • Minecraft or Discord Minecraft, Discord, Forums
  • Ban Offense "I don't think so"

Hey y'all! Ya'll said to appeal in the future, its been a couple months now since then. I have reflected on my actions of bitching out Spout and being toxic. I apologize truly for my actions that ended up in the staff member being banned anyways lol. I will be professional and kind to every player on the server as I used to be when I was staff. Not looking to play 24/7, just wanting to be able to check out builds and see how things are going and catch up with past friends. Again, truly sorry for my actions and I won't cause any harm to the players or servers, not looking to start a subdivision or anything. Just to be on good terms with the server I've played on for almost 4 years now. Thanks for considering my appeal for Forums, Discord, and Minecraft.