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Appeal temp Ban - Rocnknpunk - 18-May-2021



I believe that decision is made by prejudice, and not given the benefit of doubt. I was literally strip mining and found some Redstone and while I was digging for more I found some diamonds... I had 14 diamonds, If you can explain to me why you're banning me clearly, and not for finding some diamonds next to an existing vein of coal and Redstone I'd really appreciate it. The video starts when I start mining diamonds and finishes as soon as I get out of there which makes it seem like I'm finding diamonds left and right in very absurd places. I was on the server yesterday for probably 7-8 hours building, I play for the community and for fun. I don't own a shop or anything else that I can sell or trade with other players, my point is even if I did use "x-ray" it would be pointless. Also, I am pretty sure anyone can find 14 diamond ores in a 40-minute mining session without an x-ray... 
I think this a wrongful conviction due to the reasons above.