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Full Version: Keralis Inspiration Series - October/November 2019
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Many thanks for your contributions! 

September' post has been passed on to the man himself, Keralis and he loved the builds!

Your build might be featured soon! Stay tuned and follow his channel.

So let's kick off October (really late) and November (really early) with another set of inspiring builds.
TCL castle: -798 92 -468
1ug302neurons: 585 35 -3022
Carlosmith: -477 65 1401
/warp 193rdAve
/warp GridHQ
/warp cahuilla
ign: Ropezy
coords: 3341 36 -668
Thank you Ropezy Smile
ign: xEntex4
coords: 4103 40 1498
/warp pacificheights
ign: CVTY
warp: /pacificheights
pos: 4077   39   1330
Warp: Marina
tppos: 3941 33 -522