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Full Version: Build application! Evaluated by Saabertooth
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Hey there, I am TheDrexter.
Don't think I am going to get super far with this but let's try!
IGN: TheDrexter

First build
This is a build i made a couple months ago, it is modded but Im not sure if that matters or not.
It is a overgrown garden house with a little inspiration from different cultures around the world.
There are not many images of the interior I am afraid but the interior is not good anyways.


Second build
I made a modern build, I realized after gathering pictures that this seems to be a trend so in the future I will probably make a more urban design.
This one is much more planned out, not very big of a house but it does have some to speak for itself.
Here I have used certain creative little tricks and details, some using features in the 1.17 update as well. 
A lot of hidden lighting due to the lack of space, but I wanted to keep the build nicely lit. 
You can see a mix of more open spaces as well as more cramped areas. Additionally there is a rather simple garden too with a pool and what not.
(All images are at night sorry!)

Not wok standard, raise your build scale to 5-7 block tall ceilings/4 block tall doors, also it is recomended you use the texturepack