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Full Version: Zotac's Builder Application #2 Evaluated by Saabertooth
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IGN: ZotacTheAviator

Modern Home: https://imgur.com/a/5Fg5PMR
Modern Apartment Building: https://imgur.com/a/pSrlibP

I've changed up the interior of the home. Hopefully, this works.

Thanks for your consideration once again.
Hello there,
Your 2 moderns need tweaking for it to be considerable for builder. This is a slight improvement from your previous builder app however the layout, furniture, and exterior can be updated to woks newer building trends. I'd suggest looking around on the server to get an idea of how builds should look, warps like nova9 and es4 are great alternatives to get your inspiration. Also, don't forget to ask other players about feedback on your builds. If there's any questions let us know.