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Full Version: Help an Old Builder Find His Builds
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I was a builder in world of Keralis 5-6 years ago and have made several homes on the server. However, when I logged in recently to check out some of my old builds, I had guest status, and my /home commands didn't teleport me to anything that I had built. Has the server changed since I used to play on it? My in-game-name is Punchilleno, and that was my forum name that I used to use, but since then I have lost the account (I made this one just now). If anyone could help me figure out how to find my old builds I would greatly appreciate it.

I hope everyone is doing well (:
Hey there Punchilleno,

good to see you back on the server. A lot has changed in the recent years and we have moved onto newer, improved maps. 
However, you can download our older maps from here and try to find your builds there.

Sadly, I couldn't find your name with a builder tag in the logs, and five years is a long time ago - therefore you have to apply again for builder. You can now do this by doing /warp guest on the server and following the directions.

If you have any questions, just ask us!

Have a nice day!

Btw, you should come and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/wok