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Full Version: Builder Application Evaluated by Saabertooth
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I like building minimalistic builds, kinda like the one im presenting here, im pretty versatile, i like building other types of builds, but i feel like i shine in the modern builds. I got in earlier in 2020, but i lost my password from that account. The guy said my interior should improve and i think if i get accepted it'll definitely improve by a whole lot. thanks 
*The build was not finished all the way, by that i mean the interior in some of the rooms, hope that is not much of a problem.

IGN: thecharlie06

Hi there  Smile

to be considered for a promotion we want to see more than one "unfinished" build.
In my opinion you have to work on everything but especially on the interior and layout.

I would suggest you to join our server to get direct feedpack building with our own ressourcepack.
/warp guest will provide you with more infos