Essentials is a mainbody plugin that we use on the Server which gives us access to a wide variety of different commands. Essentials gives us access to commands that all round make the server and the command interface more enjoyable for everyone. Below is a list of various essential commands you will find in the Server. 

Citizen is the main rank you get when you register with us at the World of Keralis, the only other rank lower then this is guest which is very limited. When you become a citizen you are given access to all the essential commands we use on the Server that are basic and the foundation commands for other ranks such as donors.

"/afk" - This command sets you as AFK (Away From Keyboard) until you make another action.

"/get pos" - This command tells you your co-ordinates on the Server.

"/clearinventory" - does what it says on the Tin, it deletes what is ever in your inventory.

"/helpop <message>" - This command allows you to send a message to any admins that are online currently.

"/sethome" - This command allows you to set a home location that you can teleport to.

"/home" - This command allows you to teleport to the location you set as your home.

"/ignore <name>" - This command allows you to ignore a player so you wont see their messages.

"/kit" - Shows you a list of kits available.

"/kit <name>" - Allows you to get that kit and the items in it.

"/list" - This command lists all the players that are currently on the Server, with the number of players on the Server.

"/mail read" - Allows you to read mail players have sent to you.

"/mail clear" - Clears your mailbox so you don't have any more messages.

"/mail send <name> <message>" - Allows you to mail a player whether they're online or not.

"/msg <nameofplayer> <messsage>" - Allows you to message a player (only works on people who are online.

"/rules" - This command displays a list of all the Servers rules.

"/suicide" - This command kills you ingame.

"/tpa <name> - This command allows you to send a teleport request to another player.

"/tpaccept" - This commands accepts any teleport requests sent to you.

"/tpdeny" - This command declines any teleport request sent to you.

"/spawn" - This command teleports you back to the Server spawn.

"/money" - Shows you how much money you have.

"/money pay <nameofplayer> <amount>" - Gives money to a player from your balance.