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kilaborriskip AdminC modo
kilaborriskip @ WoK Creative
posted Mon at 17:27

Hey Chaps, 

Thanks to all who took part in Sc00's there were some really great builds! The results are in and they are as follows. 

8th place - BigG -15

7th place - Wollam -40

6th place - Hitboxx_ -41.5

5th place - imgolden -46.5

4th place - ster -48

3rd place - God -49.5

2nd place - kila -55

1st place WJpoo -57.5

Congratulations to the winners , we will distribute your prizes shortly! And thanks to all who were involved for making it a great contest.

Most importantly thanks to our man  Sc00 for organising it all!

See you all on the server,


Sc00 Thank you, everyone, for competing! Was a lot of fun organizing another contest. If you didn;t get a chance to compete o...


kilaborriskip AdminC modo
kilaborriskip @ WoK Creative
posted Jun 1, 18

Hey Guys,

Bringing you a bit of good news from Sc00 he is running a builder contest on creative at /warp DesignContest It works a bit Differently than the previous ones , just turn up and claim a plot and build when the contest starts.

Contest starts today ( Saturday) and runs for 10 days. You have to pick one of three guildelines on the contest , and state which one you are doing on your plot.

Check them out Here!

Good luck to all who are entering ! 

And Fan Dan!

Kila <3

Builder on Creative

Do you want to become a builder on World of Keralis Creative server?

  1. Register on the site here
  2. Read the server rules here
  3. Fill out the builder application here
  4. Wait for up to 5 days for a answer
  5. Start to build or make a better apply
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