Username: LUCCAMA and _PdroS (banned by IP) (please unban both)
Banned date: 2016-01-20
Banned by: TheEvilEnderman
Ban reason: Griefing
Server: Creative (the one with the city, I don`t know if its creative or towny)
Explanation: So, I play minecraft for 7 years, and I am a good builder (I was a builder in wok) and a very friendly player, but in the time I got banned I was pretty depressed and out of my mind because of some things with my family and my personal life, and I was losing my control with everything. I don`t remember why exactly I did that, but one thing I know, I regret A LOT about that, and I really need to go back. Joining the wok builder team was a dream realization for me, after so many years seeing keralis showing those buildings, I was finaly able to be a part of that. But as always, I needed to let people down. After 2 LONG years, I am finally out of depression, doing good stuff and seeing my friends again. I know that what I did is unacceptable, and I am really sorry about that, but I think 2 years is enough, because I really want to go back. Btw, thanks for all the good moments I had in the server, its a really special server (I think thats why I couldn`t find a similar one)... sorry for any english mistakes, I am brazilian :)