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Hi friends!


I'm thrilled to announce that udpate 5.1 to our Towny server brings with it the Bounty plugin! Ever had a PvPer mercilessly raid your town? Get revenge with by posting a reward for their death! The plugin is open to use by all players.


/bounty - shows the help menu
/bounty set [player] [amount] - set a NEW bounty on a player
/bounty add [player] [amount] - add to an EXISTING bounty on a player
/bounty list - show all active bounties

When you kill a player with a bounty on them, you collect the reward, and the player drops their head for your collection.

Note that to set a NEW bounty on a player, you must put up a reward of at least $500. You may add any amount to an existing bounty, however.

There are no refunds for bounties, so make sure you are extra-sure you want the right person dead!

New Staff

A big WoK welcome to our new Trusted staff:

  • CT1637
  • Critical_Panda
  • DhankyKong

A very big welcome to our newest moderator: Yorkie! Thanks for being a great Trusted staff member and for your time on WoK!


Although we haven't compiled a list of bugfixes for this post, here's a few notable ones:

  • FastCraft can now be toggled on: /fc toggle
  • Backpacks can now be opened: /bp

Coming Up

Stay tuned for some upcoming community polls on our news feed (here) and let your voice be heard on the server! We've been reviewing and testing some pet plugins. :)

Hi WoK Folk,

Following the server reset, there has been a few changes on the site that some people may have noticed. The first one, which has already been made live, is the forum reset. We have decided to move the old Towny forums into archive by hiding them from users, making the forums a heck of a lot tider and easier to navigate. If there is an important thread that you feel needs to be moved onto the new forums, like a sticky thread, then let me or an admin know and we can make adjustments if we feel it should be carried over. It also brings in the opportunity for the current community to write posts and guides to replace what we had before.

The second update to the site, which has been worked on and constantly edited for quite a while now, is the Wiki. This is something new to towny which can help explain things to newer members of the community which explains how things work here. I am starting to work with the creative staff in creating a much needed wiki for those guys too. If you think anything is missing from the wiki, message me either here or on discord and ill get things added. To find the Towny Wiki, head to the info dropdown at the top of this page and click "Wiki"

The thing you are all waiting on is your donator ranks. I'm not going to go into what you will get but they will be out soon. Staff have them as one of their main priorities at the moment. You can look forward to a post from staff when they are set to be claimed.

The last thing from me today is the future of the website. I thought I'd treat you guys to what im working on. If you have any ideas towards the website redesign, let me know as we want to make it the website of the community. I want to know what you think!

Thanks, Darknecessities
Web Developer

Here's what the website could look like:

Turboxide_ tag WOK Towny Staff are great......
fzm It's shit cos you made it

Reset is live

xChoco posted Feb 18, 17

Hi all.

On behalf of the Towny Team, we'd like to officially announce that 

The new Towny Server is OPEN

Obviously there will be a few problems over the next few days, but we will all be hard at work finding and eliminating them.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for making this reset possible, through donations, forum posts/ideas and patience. This reset will be an important one for the future of Towny, and we can only continue to help nurture and develop it together.

The server is live right now. You should probably get on instead of reading this to be honest. 

-Towny staff