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blindyTX aT Head-Admin
blindyTX @ WoK Towny
posted Apr 26, 17

Hellooo all!

We have a few updates for you so here we go ...

First you might have seen this bit of news already but just in case you haven't, a new world has been added and you can get there simply by doing /newworld. (tbt on that spawn tho)

Unlike our main custom map, it is a completely vanilla 1.11.2 world so all the vanilla structures and features are there! Yes, you may claim there or just explore the 12x12k area.

Secondly, Pets are now available! We are using a well known plugin called MyPet. If you wish to have a pet follow these 3 ez steps or  click here for the wiki.

1. Find a mob you want

2. Whack it with a lead till almost ded!

3. You have a pet and can /mypet to see a list of commands like how to change name or find information about your pet. 

You can also contact any staff member for help. You can find what types of pets are available at /spawn or here in the shop.

Also, a KitPvP arena is now available so if you want to brush up on those PvP skills or just have some fun, this is the place since you don't have to bring any of your own gear! Special thanks to gobia for making the actual arena and thanks to sir_sauceboss, CT, and 13Jar02 for helping decor the inside. Get to the arena in game by using /kitpvp.

Lastly, we have chosen to test out a Towny feature called "friendly fire". This means you will be able to harm other residents/allies when in an area with PVP enabled.  Cost to use '/town spawn [town]' to another town in your nation will increase to $400 so that its not SO easy for you guys to just tp from town to town.

Again, this is testing, so if we see it go well we will keep if not we might change it back to what it was. If you want to really give your opinion on the matter start up a thread here and let us know.

A few other notes:

Kredit sale going on now till the end of the month so check it out! 

Be on the look out for more news about Game Night s00n! - WoK ™

Easter Egg Hunt and Kredit Sale!

MyKanyeBest T Admin posted Apr 16, 17

Happy Easter everyone!

In celebration, we've hidden easter eggs around the map filled with op goodies! So hurry and get exploring before they're all found! We're also doing a Kredit sale, with 20% off all Kredit packages. It will be lasting till the end of the month, so plenty of time to get that new donor rank. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter holiday. :)

-Towny Staff

DarkNecessities Banned Will there be clues to the locations?

Hi friends!


I'm thrilled to announce that udpate 5.1 to our Towny server brings with it the Bounty plugin! Ever had a PvPer mercilessly raid your town? Get revenge with by posting a reward for their death! The plugin is open to use by all players.


/bounty - shows the help menu
/bounty set [player] [amount] - set a NEW bounty on a player
/bounty add [player] [amount] - add to an EXISTING bounty on a player
/bounty list - show all active bounties

When you kill a player with a bounty on them, you collect the reward, and the player drops their head for your collection.

Note that to set a NEW bounty on a player, you must put up a reward of at least $500. You may add any amount to an existing bounty, however.

There are no refunds for bounties, so make sure you are extra-sure you want the right person dead!

New Staff

A big WoK welcome to our new Trusted staff:

  • CT1637
  • Critical_Panda
  • DhankyKong

A very big welcome to our newest moderator: Yorkie! Thanks for being a great Trusted staff member and for your time on WoK!


Although we haven't compiled a list of bugfixes for this post, here's a few notable ones:

  • FastCraft can now be toggled on: /fc toggle
  • Backpacks can now be opened: /bp

Coming Up

Stay tuned for some upcoming community polls on our news feed (here) and let your voice be heard on the server! We've been reviewing and testing some pet plugins. :)