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Trying Again
well im trying again, so i saw a keralis vid saying if you wanna get accepted build a walmart so for the past week non stop i have been doing the exterior of this walmart plus some things to do with my marina, i own my own building server ran by apex hosting we have about 100 players on it i just started the interior about 30 mins ago but i thought to give this a shot before i complete the walmart entirely. it made me pretty upset to see my application declined i mean i completely understand but i do wanna say its hard for me to show my expertise in a screenshot, im great at natural and organic shapes such as trees and vehicles but im proud of how this walmart turned out youll see that it is base on a 1:1 scale of the walmart by my house i will attach a video of the walmart by my house i hope i get accepted like i said i own my own server and i know the application process since i have to do it myself. please give me some consideration, it is really hard for me to capture my building experience in a screenshot anyways heres the link to some screenshots

Update: just finished the walmart added interior photos to the drive, total build time 4.10d. so if you have checked out the drive check it out again more cool stuff has been added

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