A Tribute to Terra!

kilaborriskip C mod posted Apr 15, 17

Hey Chaps, 

As you may well know we have recently retired out beloved Terranova world. It has been with us over 3 years, but we decided finally it was time to move on. As a small tribute to all of the great memories and amazing builds that we all remember, we have prepared a few renders of some of the old cites and memorable builds. For ease, I have placed them all in this imgur album, enjoy!

Here is the Album

Comment with your favourite memories of the old map!

And remember , Fan Dan! 


AndriX3S Plis make a world download...
po53iden This honestly makes me feel both sad and happy. I had so many great memories during the time of Terra, even though I may...
Spiderscout I really enjoyed this tribute to terra will there be a download of the map available sometime in the future?

Danglica is here!

PaulvMontfort C mod posted Mar 1, 17

Hey everyone,

we're just moments away of releasing the new Danglica map to everyone. We, the staff team together with Card and Bebo, have been working hard on the map to be able to present it to you. Although a lot of stuff like roads and the main city of Vellanore aren't finished yet, it's about time to release it.

With the new map there are new rules. Building in the wilderness for instance isn't allowed unless it's a well presented idea. Instead everyone from the ranks builder+ and up are allowed to apply for a town through the application form that I'll link below. Rules and regulations regarding these towns are presented in the application form. For now, everyone is allowed to claim plots in the main city of Vellanore.

Have fun building!


link to the application form: https://goo.gl/forms/SuqfE4HUWc2wlWPe2

Mooran So excited to see everyone's cities!
cishore This is going to be a great world, i can already feel it.
corivian Thanks Paul!

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