Official World of Keralis Texture Pack [WokFlows 1.12 Official]

Shiftmaster aOwnerC Head-AdminC mod
Shiftmaster @ WoK Creative
posted Sep 23, 17

Good Morning fellow Builders!

I am very pleased to annouce we now have an official World of Keralis Texture Pack! This pack is a group effort and is based on the popular Flows texture pack. The purpose is that I'd like all builds on WoK to have a coherent visual representation of itself so everyone, no matter if you're new Guest coming on for the first time, or a Trusted who has been here for years, can enjoy a build a see exactly what the creator was meant to make, Instead of styles and textures being lost in translation because one pack doesn't look like another pack.

Thank you to everyone involved, I'd like to credit the following people for their involvement with modifying and testing the pack for final release:

- Very_T, Sylp, 0fri, Skinney, Duke, Andar, Jodlum, Graeme, Jarod, Fahd, Piqme, Bebo, and I am sure there are others that may have been missed, but if you weren't mentioned, trust that your contribution was very much appreciated.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank Karrasko/Internetcafe for his help in spearheading the final design and texture choices as he was the main guy I was in contact with during the final phase and will be the guy in charge of modifying and updating in the future.

Again, thank you to all involved in Enjoy!

-Shiftmaster, Owner & Creative Head-Admin.

Traditional Build Off

Shiftmaster aOwnerC Head-AdminC mod
Shiftmaster @ WoK Creative
posted Sep 22, 17

Yo Wassup?!

For those of you interested, Jodlum is holding a build off in the trad style with real cash prizes coming out of his own pocket. If you'd like to participate, follow this link:

Good Luck!

-Shiftmaster, Owner & Creative Head-Admin

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