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New Ranking Structure

Ustin_Jay aAdmin posted Sep 1, 14

Hey guys, Ustin here. [Edited by Zoppp 9/1/2014 11:46PM EST]

Now many of you may have noticed that we have completely redone the builder ranks leading up to Trusted. Why did we do this? You are probably thinking that the current ranking system had no problems. What we changed was necessary, I'll explain. The previous ranking system was bloated, it basically had unneeded steps in it. With the new ranking system implemented, we have simplified the ranks. There is less going on between point a to point b.

Here is what's happening:

  • Veteran and Veteran+ Have been removed completely
  • AdvBuilder is essentially Veteran+
  • Most Veteran+ permissions are transferred to AdvBuilder
  • Players who were Veteran previously will be moved to builder
  • Players who were previously Builder+ and Veteran+ will both be moved to AdvBuilder
  • Builder+ is an intermediate rank now that falls between Builder and Advbuilder
    • B+ Is earned through being mature, helpful and active on the server.

Ranking System in order:

Guest -> Builder -> Builder+ -> AdvBuilder -> Trusted

How promotions are going to be done:

Builder to B+:
  • Builders that show maturity, growth, good attitude and activity on the server will be picked by staff to be Builder+
  • The main idea behind B+ is we want respectful people to be in line for AdvBuilder
B+ to Advbuilder:
  • Builder+'s will be given a build challenge to complete. If passed they will move on to AdvBuilder
AdvBuilder to Trusted:
  • Hand picked by staff


  • Builder: Stays the same
  • Builder+: 100 block WE Limit (//set, //replace, //flora, //pos1, //pos2, //expand, //contract, //inset, //outset, //shift, //size
  • AdvBuilder: 100k block WE [do //limit 100000] (//set, //replace,//fast, //repl, //line, //outline, //walls, //move, //naturalize.
  • Trusted: Stays the same

We're sorry if anyone feels that they're at an inconvenience. We did this simply to make WoK Creative a better place to be. 
Any additional comments, questions, or concerns can be posted here

We hope you enjoy the new Ranking Structure!

Ustin_Jay, Creative Administrator
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Store Revamp

zoppp aCo-Owner posted Aug 5, 14
Hey guys, just wanted to notify all of you of new things we have done with the shop!

  • We have switched to a credit point system so in order to get the ranks you have to buy credit points through the store and then redeem those points for the ranks. This also means you can use the credit points you have earned through voting towards the ranks!! We will be adding in many other ways that you can earn points!
  • Donors can claim their perks on the servers that have been reset like Towny and AOTB by going here and claiming the ranks that appear, the ranks are 100% free since you already donated.
  • We have removed coal and the legend rank from the survival section, people who had coal or legend have been upgraded for free to the next rank!
  • Prices have been slightly dropped on the higher survival ranks
  • We have added many perks from hendrix's donor rank thread into the survival ranks with some edits to keep things from being too OP.
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