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Guest Build-Off : Tropical!

kilaborriskip AdminC mod posted Apr 5, 18

Hello Guys, 

Following the interest in the first contest, we are running a second guest contest!  It will work in a similar way with a new theme which is 'Tropical'. Again, being creative is key here, you could make a beach front hotel, luxury yacht moored by a little island, or even a jungle tree house, pretty much anything you want that will fit into the theme! We will be giving out prizes including plots and Builder ranks to good entries! 

The Rules are written out Here

You can Enter the contest by putting in your Username Here

Also, as a side note, people may be having a few issues with one of our IP's. If this is the case, please connect to the server using either ‘mc.worldofkeralis.com’ or ‘hub.worldofkeralis.com’. I would recommend you join the server at least once before applying to the contest so that your user name is on our system when we distribute the plots.

Best of luck all! 


Buddalish Is there a way we can use WorldEdit in the guest contest? It's a huge area


kilaborriskip AdminC mod posted Mar 3, 18

Hey Chaps,

The Results for the latest WoK contest and the first WoK Guest contest are in so without further ado, here are the results! And man, they are close!

Guest Contest (Scores out of 50)

8th Place RyanWillis       10.25

7th Place MinertheSteve 16 (penalty)

6th Place Gino1421         29.25

5th Place DJbubba1        31.25

4th Place Asslee              31.5

Runners Up!

3rd Place KyotoOnFire    34.5

2nd Place TheCoaler       34.75

And the Winner Is!

1st Place Danno428        35

Congratulations to you all and thank you for taking part in the contest! We will be giving out your prizes asap, contact staff if you have any issues with them.

Builder Contest (Scores out of 50)

14th Place  PickPocket   14.75

13th Place  Hitbox           28.75

12th Place  Aztec            31.5

11th Place  CatShelter    31.75

10th Place  Gurra            33.25

& Happyface                   33.25

9th Place  Supah            33.75 (Penalty)

8th Place  NXTmax        34

7th Place  Soap             36.25  (Penalty)

6th Place  Recker          32 (Penalty)

5th Place  Duke             37.25

4th Place  Cishore         38

Runners Up!

3rd Place  Wired           38.25

2nd Place  Michael       41.75

And the Winner is!

1st Place  Carlo           45.5

Congratulations! (Love me that Misty water)

Thankyou to all who took part and made this an aweseome contest, Dan is pleased with you all! We will get the prizes out asap to anyone who took part. 

If you would like your build kept, please let a member of staff know and we can give you a schematic of the building, or if you own a plot, paste it in. Builders can have their builds moved to the worlds if there is a suitable place that they arrange for it within a town.

Well done again to everyone who took part, you all make WoK a great community and server! Love you all!

And remember to Fan Dan!


999dan Goodjob guys! You all did good!

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