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WoK Awards '14

The new year is fast approaching!

WoK awards are back, and we're here to look back on what 2014 had to bring and crown our winners with internet glory and yemen points, and perhaps a few prizes!

That's right, and you can help us vote for who you think should win! These are the categories (decided by you):

Best Modern Builder

Best Eclectic Builder

Most Unique Builder

Best Fantasy Builder

Best Traditional Builder       

Best Underrated Builder

Best Vehicle Builder

Best Banter

Best Friend Award

Most Mature award

Least Mature Award

Biggest Derp

Best Helper Award

Best Staff Award

Most Improved

Most Shy

Cutest Couple

Best DJ on plug

Most likely to be demoted

Biggest Prick

Banned player of the year

City of the Year

WOKSTARâ„¢ 2014 (Best overall player - Da MVP)

If you want to vote, copy the name of the award and a player you choose into an enjin message, and address it to me (IMPORTANT - ADRESS MAIL TO 'Evil Enderman' WITH A SPACE AND NO THE - Must stress this, as youll send it to the wrong guy otherwise - many many thanks, ender). Remember, we want you to vote in as many categories as you can, but you don't have to vote for them all! Vote for whatever you can, and get those enjin mails sent to me by the 25th of December! Don't post it on my wall, because it wont be counted and it may be deleted. You can also send by Skype - send to 'TheEvilEnderman' cheers!

Vote honestly - your nomination is private and the only person who will see the votes is me - there's nothing to worry about!

Good luck everyone, and happy voting!

There is also a 35% off sale on points and 50% off all ranks till January 5th!

-Enderman - the bringer of events, yemen and banter

gocodygo tag
gocodygo @ WoK Creative
Me and Coco for Cutest couple <3
qmans & Aequotis For Vehicle Builder
qmans Me For Depromoted XD

Christmas Contest 2014

TheEvilEnderman aAdmin posted Dec 10, 14
WoK Christmas Buildoff!

Alas, the time has come once more

This year, I'm holding a Christmas contest on the creative server, and it starts today (Wednesday 10th) at 6PM GMT

The theme this year is 'Festive' , so it doesn't have to be denominational. It can be anything you like!

You are judged on:
Landscaping /5
Interior /5
Execution /10
Theme /10
Originality /10

You are not allowed to collab on this build off. Plots can be altered in size and shape, as long as you keep it reasonably small and fair. Use the plot's landscape to your advantage. Seeing plots flattened or poorly landscaped will drop your landscaping score - bear it in mind when making the build!

Prizes are to be announced later on!

You have until the 20th december!
Good luck!

-Enderman - C Admin

Gabbyhgirl tag Hey endy bigG and acoustic touched some blocks on my build without knowing the no collab rule i replaced the blocks they ...
seventhleek i want to be a builder, how?
rdefgekrd hmm this is very interesting i applied like 2 weeks ago and still got no response and it says it usually takes 5 or 6 da ...

Builder on Creative

Do you want to become a builder on World of Keralis Creative server?

  1. Register on the site here
  2. Read the server rules here
  3. Fill out the builder application here
  4. Wait for up to 5 days for a answer
  5. Start to build or make a better apply
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Vote on all 5 sites to receive: - 25 Website Credit Points -$1000 on Factions - $700 on Towny and -$700 on AOTB

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