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Store Revamp

zoppp aCo-Owner posted Aug 5, 14
Hey guys, just wanted to notify all of you of new things we have done with the shop!

  • We have switched to a credit point system so in order to get the ranks you have to buy credit points through the store and then redeem those points for the ranks. This also means you can use the credit points you have earned through voting towards the ranks!! We will be adding in many other ways that you can earn points!
  • Donors can claim their perks on the servers that have been reset like Towny and AOTB by going here and claiming the ranks that appear, the ranks are 100% free since you already donated.
  • We have removed coal and the legend rank from the survival section, people who had coal or legend have been upgraded for free to the next rank!
  • Prices have been slightly dropped on the higher survival ranks
  • We have added many perks from hendrix's donor rank thread into the survival ranks with some edits to keep things from being too OP.
THEBUDDER_PIG1 hi guys im new and can anybody tell me how I can apply for builder in the server keralis runs on mc
Cod4Life118 How do i become a builder?
jlonso is the one with the issue. It mentioned about proxies. It must be something with my service provide ...

1M Subs & 100,000 Users!

zoppp aCo-Owner posted Jul 12, 14
1M & 100,000!

Super give away! - Click here!
Skin competition! - You can submit your own custom made skin, (has to be made by you, and that has to be summer themed of some sort) to a forum on the site, there Thursday the 24th judges will pick the winning skin! We will judged on how well they stuck to the theme, how well it looks and creativeness.  The winner of this will get a 25$ Amazon gift card and a rank on all servers! Post them here

Many of you may have noticed that Keralis has passed 1 million Subscribers! We have also passed 100,000 Members on the website! Just want to give thanks to all of our members and the community we have here! Can't belive that we have grown so much over the past 3 year, means a lot that this many people have came to see what WoK has to offer. Thank you to all the members that keep WoK as their server as choice and thank you to all the staff members for help keeping this massive operation running. Lots more to come for our 100,000 member celebration like build offs and giveaways, stay tuned!

50% off Sale on all items in the shop!
Thomascraft9 all guests can speak accept me help me
pjthecreeper hey help me with my new house review blog at ...
crazydtd when i click on 'apply for builder here' nothing happens. someone plz help me!

Builder on Creative

Do you want to become a builder on World of Keralis Creative server?

  1. Register on the site here
  2. Read the server rules here
  3. Fill out the builder application here
  4. Wait for up to 5 days for a answer
  5. Start to build or make a better apply
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Vote on all 5 sites to receive: 25 Credit Points Factions - $1000 Towny - $700 AOTB - $700

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