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The Future of Terranova

Shiftmaster aC Head-Admin posted May 6, 15

Hey guys, Its Shiftmaster, Head Admin and Planning Director for WoK Creative.

As a lot of you guys have seen over the past couple months, the map know as Terranova has been getting messy and crowded, and the staff team and I would like to fix that. What we are going to do moving forward is a couple things.

First, we are unfortunately freezing all new warp creations. What we have noticed is that a lot of new towns, take the cheap and lazy way of getting a warp by either building a crappy airport, or crappy ship port to fulfill the guideline needed to get a warp. This has cause numerous towns out in the middle of nowhere not connected to anything and has been deemed unacceptable. So until it is fixed, no more new towns. All existing towns with warps can operate as usual.

Second, we want to improve our intercity road and rail infrastructure. So what I will be doing is sketching up a master plan for the map of terranova over the next couple of weeks and make it available for viewing for everyone. Eventually we want all cities and towns in terranova to be realistically connected via roads and rails.

Third, if you have the town building itch still, do not fret. We still encourage players to help upgrade and expand existing towns, and breathe life into abandoned towns. Before doing that though, contact the owner of whatever town you want to work in to makes sure its ok. DO NOT START "UPGRADING" AND EXPANDING ANYTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER.

I hope this does not put a damper on too many ppl's play time here on WoK Creative. We are doing this to further better your playing experience, while still staying in line with the WoK mission of creating a realistic Minecraft world.

If you have question leave a comment, or /mail me in game.

-Shiftmaster, Creative Head Admin & Server Planner.


Sp0re_FreAk Hmm shifty, can u move my trains? i they are my live work. I wanna build a rail yard for them dont have a place yet tho ...
MCGamerDutch Hey shift, I've been working on my town for a few months, since February. I got a lot of plans for my town, like connec ...
CarlosGallo Hi Shift , Can i build some house's in Terranova? Please Reply ...

Tweaked Chat

zoppp aCo-Owner posted May 3, 15

So after all the complaining over chat I have made some changes to chat. 

  • Installed Chatcontrol, I have added some common phrases that guests ask and chatcontrol will block them from saying those phrases
    • Chat control also gives you a sound notification when a player mentions your name
  • Added a plugin that allows you to type /mutemeh and that blocks all chat from reaching you. Basically a "silent room"
  • Increased interval of ChatReaction
  • Decreased AWE spam
  • Removed the annoying time and date thing

The /msg "chat channel" will have to wait, I have asked the developer of DeluxeChat to add it in and hopefully he will. 

Hope this answers a lot of your complaints.

- Zoppp

Dinoboyxyx how do i find the builder aplication
manman Shall wok be once again enjoyable ^v^
Tecno_ tag omfg thanks

Builder on Creative

Do you want to become a builder on World of Keralis Creative server?

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  5. Start to build or make a better apply
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