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Hey Chaps,

Thanks to all participants for an overall great contest, some of the buildings have been amazing. Finally the results are counted, and here they are!

1st - TheEvilEnderman- 100%

2nd- jpdillion- 98%

3rd- angrybird71- 90% (315/400)

4th- BigG0628- 90% (312/400)

5th- ThyJoimees- 87%

6th- Rubber- 86%

7th - cishore- 85%

8th- Very_T- 83%

9th- Dead_Bush_Lord- 82%

10th- SupahCas- 79%

11th- W0rldSt4r- 76%

12th- tench1- 75%

13th- Mooran-73%

14th- FFLeXample- 70% (244/400)

15th-_lobster_- 70% (243/400)

16th- AuzzieAlpaca- 67%

17th- J3lle_- 64% (224/400)

18th- harvonator68- 64% (223/400)

19th- Recker- 61%

20th- jsat1- 59%

21st- HarryParnwell_- 52%

22nd- SomeTime_LP- 50%

23rd- LittleGuy588- 46%

24th- ZekromPlayzz- 42%

25th- DavidFiellau- 41%

26th- chichibilly- 37%

27th coolcubemaster- 29%

Disqualified Entries

- Xer0_Purpose ( Cus Yeah)

-Craftbeef (Build did not represent the brief)

All unlisted entries were deemed too unfinished to  judge properly.

And now the part you have all been waiting for- The Dannly Blessings ( Dan's top 5 builds chosen by Dan himself) 

In no particular order:

1- Recker





Feel Blessed guys!

That just about concludes the contest, thanks to all of you that took part, and a big thanks to my 3 co judges Karra, God and Lukass, with an extra big thanks to karra, without whom the contest would not have been possible. Prizes will be coming the way of the people who won them, so congratulations to those contestants.

Keep Fanning Dan


RedZie I approve of this list! ;D great job judges. Loved all the builds.

Hey Chaps

We are running a small build off on the server, anyone with building perms can enter. Your challenge is to construct either a house boat, or a stilt house, within the plot borders in any style you like. It starts on Friday 15th 7pm GMT and will run until Monday  18th 7pm GMT. It is located at /warp buildoff, claim your plot with a sign with your name on. Prizes will be given out and more information can be found on this google doc. 

Good luck Wok peeps. 



ZekromPlayzz When will the results be posted??
qualufu Uggghhhhhh I just HAD to leave before the build offs Kills would there be a way to leave some competitions for when I g...

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