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Hey Chaps

The server has gone through a lot of changes in the past months, and in order for us to continue to change in a way that provides the best creative experience for you, we have put together this questionnaire. This form is for people ranked builder and up , and there will be a guest questionnaire made shortly for the site. Let us know what you think, it is greatly appreciated of anyone who takes the time to fill this out.
Thanks guys, and Fan Dan

You can Take the Survey Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DwhzOtp_0N_IiDAFW1rPNF2aW942MbB8tQ8zjTQ7aHo/viewform

Aequotis v hot
Dead_Bush_Lord66 How difficult do you find it to locate plots or places to build? Very easy for Trad, Modern on the other hand....
tamzbrd55 Took the survey! Hope ya'll take some of my comments into consideration, thanks Tamzbrd55 Creative Trusted

Need to Apply for Builder?

Shiftmaster aC Head-Admin posted Mar 13, 16

Hey Chaps

Recently, with many thanks to God, I have been able to create a video which aims to answer a number of issues many people have been having with applications. I have given a break down of all the criteria we require in an application as well as some building tips to aid you all. I hope this video helps any aspiring builders, and can allow the staff to better communicate what we want to see in applicants. The link to this video is disclosed Bellow, and good luck to any applicants!!



_ColonialPuppet_ I was accepted as a builder but i show up as a guest on the server. Someone please help!
MrMinestep how do i become a member im a member but it wont let me login on minecraft how do you do it?
DenDanskeDiller I rly enjoyin building mordern houses like Keralis. I have spend a lot of hours building modern houses, so plz give me b...

Builder on Creative

Do you want to become a builder on World of Keralis Creative server?

  1. Register on the site here
  2. Read the server rules here
  3. Fill out the builder application here
  4. Wait for up to 5 days for a answer
  5. Start to build or make a better apply
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