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Wok Hub Contest!!

kilaborriskip C mod posted Sat at 7:21

Ey Chaps

Due to changes to Wok we are looking for a new hub to represent changes to the server. So we thought there are no better people who know how to represent wok than its own community! We are looking for a downsized hub with two portals, for creative and towny, and the rest of the details are pretty much up to you. You can go it alone or team up with other people.

Oh, and there will be prizes! 

1st Prize: $30 to the winning team, and a plot for each team member, and of course your hub being used for wok!

2nd Prize:$10 to the runners up, and a plot for each team member.

3rd Prize: Plots for each team member.

The contest will begin a week today ( Saturday the 1st) and run for 2 weeks until Saturday the 15th, starting and finishing at 12:00 GMT. 

Enter the contest by filling out this form, and we will set up a plot for all entries, also please note this conest is Builders and up on the server.


All participants will have access to full world edit within their plot.

Good luck to all


Fan Dan,


A Tribute to Terra!

kilaborriskip C mod posted Apr 15, 17

Hey Chaps, 

As you may well know we have recently retired out beloved Terranova world. It has been with us over 3 years, but we decided finally it was time to move on. As a small tribute to all of the great memories and amazing builds that we all remember, we have prepared a few renders of some of the old cites and memorable builds. For ease, I have placed them all in this imgur album, enjoy!

Here is the Album

Comment with your favourite memories of the old map!

And remember , Fan Dan! 


aidangreen2 o Will there be a download for Terranova?
Khajiet Will there be a way to view these old builds ever again? It would be a sweet trip down memory lane
AndriX3S Plis make a world download...

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