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Suggestions from Sam

TheEvilEnderman aAdminC mod posted Aug 29, 16

Hi guys, SamJamesV99 made some suggestions for improvements to the server and how it is run

It would be nice if you read through and gave some suggestions on which ideas you like and which you'd want implemented to improve the server

It's good to take some of these initiatives like this in order to try and improve the server, because, "if we do nothing, nothing is acheived"


Thanks guys!

landadmiral I do think it would be cool to have a voting system similar to what is on mineplex where every now and then there is a l...
Dead_Bush_Lord66 This is a great idea. I haven't been on WoK very recently because of vacation and school, but I would definitely lo...
ZekromPlayzz I love the idea, i just want to be clarified, this wot effect how building is on the server already correct?

1.10 Update

Camo0101 DevC mod posted Aug 12, 16

Greetings builders of all kinds,

We have officially updated to 1.10! Bone blocks and red nether brick for all brave enough to use them!

Unfortunately there are still some bugs, but so as to not keep everyone waiting, the server is open.

We will try to fix the bugs as soon as possible, so stick around.


Kotaiam how do i get the 1.10 update pack?
Hinkens00 Keep up the great work!
ACKScout It keeps saying i am not whitelisted?

Builder on Creative

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