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WoK STAR 2017

kilaborriskip C mod posted Fri at 11:26

Hey Chaps 

Thanks for all of your entries , I am proud to release the winner of the Wokstar 2017 Award!

The winner is Hoop!

Congratulations Man!

First runner up being Michael , so well done to you too.

See you all on the server!


hoop281 DevC mod Thank you, everyone, I really appreciate the support. We will continue to push forward in revitalizing this community an...


kilaborriskip C mod posted Jan 12, 18

Hey Again Chaps.

Sorry for the delay, the results are now in. 

But first, a big thanks to all our community members for another year. It has been a turbulent one, so thanks for sticking with us! You guys really make the server what it is, so I apologise that I am going to have to award some of you some very 'questionable titles'.

So here are the results!

There was a tie for wokstar this year , so cast your votes for the true winner here!

Vote for Wokstar 2017

Most Deserving of Promotion

1- Aztecon

2- Bigg

3- jnsankar


Most Deserving of a Demotion

1- Wiredgamer

2- DukeVonSenpai


Most Social Player

1- Michael

2- jnsankar

3- Thyjoimees


Least Social Player

1- DukeVonSenpai

2- Valxo

3- Xdaticon


Most Helpful

1- Michael


Least Helpful

1- DukeVonSenpai


Most Wips on the server

1- Thyjoimees

2- DukeVonSenpai


Top Banter of the Year

1- Thyjoimees

2- Carlosmith

3- Rubber


Chatted the Most Shit

1- Wiredgamer

2- Jodlum

3- jpdillion


Most likely to get Banned

1- Jodlum (sadly jodlum could not be here to collect his award RIP)

2- Wiredgamer

3- jpdillion


Cunt of the Year

1- Wiredgamer

2- Jodlum

3- jpdillion


Comeback of the year

1- Aztecon

1- Ofanta

Most Active Player

1- DukeVonSenpai

2- Michael

3- Matt


Up and Coming Builder

1- jnsanker

2- Sadmiloyan

3- Ilusion


Underrated Builder of the Year

1- Aztecon


Cutest Couple of the Year

1- Dan and Kila

2- Calstelter and jnsankar


Top Community Member

1- Kilaborriskip

2- Matt

3- Jnsankar


Most Likely to Crash the Server

1- Matt

2- XTouk


Guest Name of the Year

1- Horsefucker (The legend Continues)

2- JingleHoe



Most Satisfying Ban

1- Jodlum

2- Wiredgamer

3- Jelmer


Modern Builder of the Year

1- Idesign

2- Happy

3- Andar


Traditional Builder of the Year

1- Thyjoimees

2- Cishore

3- Mooran


Realistic Builder of the Year

1- Kilaborriskip

2- Johnsuave

2- Cishore

2- Carlosmith


Landscaper of the Year

1- jnsankar

1- Thyjoimees

2- JQQ


Best Town

1- Highland Estates

2- Sanysidro

3- Bertley


Abandoned Town of the Year

1- 7Bloc

2- Waffle’s


Fan of Dan of the Year


1- Kila

2- Andar (I knew he loved Dan at Heart)


Filthy Heretic of the Year

1- Andar (Pick a side)

2- Michael (How could you!)

3- Wiredgamer


Lord and Saviour of Wok and the World

1- A380dan (I fan)


Staff Star

1-Graeme (well deserved)

2- Kila

3- Andar



For the first time there was a big ol’ tie here. Vote now for the ultimate wok star from the candidates. The true wok star will be announced when the results are in.

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