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A New World Guard Region for Terranoa

Anwillus Admino posted Tue at 22:59

Hello everybody, I'm here to talk about the new Worldguard region we placed over terranova. This means that we only allowed it for B+ and up to start towns to prevent Builders from making towns, because they are not allowed to do so anymore. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT BUILDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD IN TERRANOVA AT ALL! IT ONLY MEANS THAT BUILDER+ ARE ALLOWED TO START TOWNS IN TERRANOVA FROM NOW ON!

This was done in order to have control over Terranova and to make it easier to moderate and regulate. We also done this in order to remove towns and builds that are not up to standard. This is also done in Arcania and Largebiome, hence why no one that is below trusted can build in the wilderness. This is the same case for Terranova, just that we applied it late (which is not a good idea). For any towns up to standard that are owned by Builders and not Builder+'s, we will allow them to keep their towns if they are to standard. Because we have that WG, we will have to create "sub-regions" for those towns to allow people to build. If you have a town that is up to standards, message me or other staff members on the forums or in game, specify the town name and whether it is invite only, ask for perms, or freebuild, and if it is not freebuild, list every person who has permission to build there and we will be right on it. Remember to give the staff member points/markers whenever he is making the WG. If you do not know how to set points, it is just like World Edit but with different commands. Just go from one corner to another corner diagonally if you know what I am saying. We apologize for some of the inconveniences being experienced right now  because of this late implementation but it will be all good soon!

Note: Here is the list of towns that will have WG regions.



The Creative Staff

MrPie52 So until Xdati gets approved I can't build...
ItzDragonicMC how do u apply
CARDBOARDWHALES So does this mean the builds we've been working on are now uncompletable unless the town owner gets approved?

Summer Buildoff 2015

TheEvilEnderman aAdmin posted Jul 9, 15

Hello. I am hosting a buildoff over the summer, which begins (as soon as possible) and ends on the 31st of July. The idea is simple. You get paired up with a random player ( I will do checks to make sure it is all fair) and you will collab on a build in a plot. It's simple, the best build wins.

The pairs have been decided - find out here!


NEW! Design Breif and Information:


BEGINS AT 2:30 GMT. You all have access to WE within your plot. Misuse of this results in a ban for you, and your partner.

Thanks! - Enderman and Kila and Anwill and possibly other staff, who knows

AuzzieAlpaca My pair hasn't ben on for ages ...
MrShotHD damit i was on holiday missed the signup ...
Vexilius aAdmin
Vexilius @ WoK Creative
Yours truly will be among the judges

Builder on Creative

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