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Space Buildoff

Good evening, and some good news for you all! Check out my fire mixt.. (jk)!

we're holding a space buildoff for you guys! It'll be starting this friday, and it'll run all the way to next sunday. Essentially, a week and a bit.

The winner will receive a $20 amazon voucher, and a showcase by the big K!

If you come second, not to worry, we have the games Battleblock theater or Beseige for you to choose from, and some website points.

Third place is much the same, without the points, but, you'll still get yemen from me (if you ask nicely)

So in other words, a nice fun buildoff with the theme of space, is coming up!

Stay tuned online or on here for more info, and keep wokking!


The contest has begun! Go /warp space to claim your plot and start building! The contest will be from now until the 22nd!


TheEvilEnderman + anwillco

eddie0722 I wanted to be a builder lol
fuzzand How many light years away is the judging date?

Wok Awards 2014 - Results

TheEvilEnderman aAdmin posted Feb 11, 15  -  AwardsCreativeOfTheWoKWoK CreativeWOKSTARYear

Wok Awards '14!

The results are in, after hours of counting and listening to Aer (Seriously, check them out)

This years WOKSTAR will get a special prize they get to pick themselves!

Remember, all of these votes have been counted twice and checked, and all votes have been made in total honesty. Steps have been taken to ensure that there has been no bias through the process.

So, here are the results!

Best Modern Builder
1st: Tecno_
2nd: spawnofthedead

Best Eclectic Builder - Master of all styles
1st: anwillco
Spliff 2nd: PaulvMontfort + lukass71

Most Unique Builder

1st: boyboy1359

Joint 2nd: Loki0853 + VeXiiC


Best Fantasy Builder

1st: DriliNanners (Won by a whopping 13 points!)

Best Traditional Builder   

Joint 1st: kilamudkip, a380dan, and Tingusbangus (Well deserved, lads!)

Joint 2nd: ThyJoimees and anwillco

Best Underrated Builder - Those who deserve more recognition!

1st: rubberduckjosh

Joint 2nd: edsinger + DhrJelmer

Best Vehicle Builder

1st: SupahCas (Won by 15 points! well deserved!)

2nd: Aequotis

Best Landscape Builder

Nobody voted for this one!

Best Banter - The individuals full of bantz

1st: TheEvilEnderman

2nd: rubberduckjosh

Best Friend Award - Always there for you

1st: SamJamesV99

Mega Joint 2nd: LeMooksish + Rubber + Anwill


Most Mature Award - Always responsible and trustworthy

1st: Vexilius

2nd: anwillco


Least Mature Award

1st: LeMooksish

2nd: BillTheBuild3r


Biggest Derp - Most fun, most derpy

Joint 1st: SamJamesv99 and SupahCas

2nd: olenormann


Best Helper Award - Always there for you!

1st: anwillco

2nd: TheEvilEnderman and Tingusbangus


Best Staff Award - Holds the banhammer with pride

1st: TheEvilEnderman (By 19 points, cheers loads guys!)

2nd; anwillco


Best Plug DJ

1st: MrFlaffy_Taffy

2nd: TheEvilEnderman


Most Improved

1st: sylpDesign (From a demotion to one of the best, well deserved!)

2nd: edsinger


Most Shy

1st: MartinMarkovsky

2nd: Keralis1


Cutest Couple

1st: SupahCas + Rubber, (By a landslide 9 points!)

Spliff 2nd: Abbzore and DriliNanners + kilamudkip + a380dan


Most Likely to be Demoted - Those who need to step up their game!

1st: andyisyoda

2nd: FahdQaiser


Biggest Prick -

1st: JASBALLER (Currently banned as of posting this)

2nd: BillTheBuild3r


Banned Player Of The Year - The most deserved ban!

1st: Jodlum (By 12 votes!)

2nd: vGodzHD (Always in our hearts)


City Of The Year

1st: Bertly (Needless to say)

2nd: Strasbourg


And the moment you've all been waiting for:


WOKSTAR™ 2014 - The best overall player of this year!

1st: SamJamesV99

2nd: anwillco


Congratulations everybody who received an award!

I will be holding a festive WoKQuiz some time on the 24th, so stay tuned!


Merry Christmas!


-Enderman, and all of the Creative Staff!

RDB12 Two things first [N00B] Keralis1 is 2nd shyiest! And second, is Andy actual going to be demoted come on!!! If anything h ...
Aidanek how do i find out who reviewed my applacation???
Aidanek i did a applacation and was told i was now a builder,but when i went on,i couldnt chat and it said i was a guest ;(

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