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Apologies & Plans

_ItAintObeezy_ Dev posted Sep 7, 15

As you all may know, I made some mistakes today and want to address them. I'm very sorry for the giant inconvenice with ranks and Largebiome. Hope you all may forgive me!

1)Remove WG on Terranova DONE

2)Unload Largebiome. Available for download here DONE

Also, the lag looks like it has subsided. We will try to readd those blocks back :).

Here are some stats:

Avg TPS: 19.7-19.9

Server Load: 40-50%

Please feel free to create threads about bugs or plugins that are found or suggested. Happy Labor Day!


Callieally I don't know where to put this so I am putting it here. I am having trouble with chunks loading and stuff like that. I h ...
x_MarioBro_x how do u get permission to build? on here my nema in game is The_Glander_Newt
GCodeWizard For those who need help with plugins: The elevator plugin is Lift: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lift/ The painti ...


_ItAintObeezy_ Dev posted Sep 1, 15

Hey all.

I just want to notify you all that some major changes have been made to WoK, and many others are planned.

1)Largebiome will be removed very soon. If you have builds you want to move, please ask staff or trusteds to help

2)Guests cannot chat at the moment, but we are reimplementing chat channels soon

3)Restarts are now 2 hours. We may very possibly reintroduce blocks if the lag subsides

4)The Terranova worldguard will be removed following the unloading of Largebiome

Thanks for bearing with us, through the restarts and testing. 


ASR_x_MLG_x_Pro o whats going on w/ the server it says "Can't connect to server"
monsterhigh58 why cant I chat
wizann A Guest on The Server couldn't talk I was like click T to i only found h could not build when he shook his head from lef ...

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