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Anwillus C mod posted Mon at 22:01

All information can be found under this link!


NOTE: I accidentally reset the poll, so anyone who voted before may have to vote again!!!!

Have a nice day!

- Creative Staff Team

Our New Map: Arcania

Shiftmaster aC Head-Admin posted Sun at 19:24

You read right. We have finally gotten to the point we are ready to release the long awaited map. This new land, Arcania, will eventually replace Largebiome. So if you have any builds there you would like to keep or transfer. It is suggested you get a plotworld plot and ask a trusted or staff member to move it for you. WE WILL NOT DO EVERY SINGLE HOUSE, ONLY MAJOR BUILDINGS.

In the mean time, Largebiome will remain buildable for 1 full month from today. ON AUGUST 9TH, 2015 AT 12:00 AM. LARGEBIOME WILL BECOME UNBUILDABLE. At this point. it will still remain viewable for an undisclosed amount of time, but will eventually be unloaded.

We are extremely excited for this new map as it will be a totally new direction for WoK Creative and we will try to become a bit more innovative with it as well. Our plan is to make a completely connected, realistic map with Highways, railways, countryside, and small country villages (not all big cities with wilderness in between).

As with a new map comes New Rules. Not only are we rewriting rules for the sake of the new map. We are also revising rules for Terranova. The largest change you guys will notice is BUILDER RANK IS NOT ALLOWED TO START A TOWN IN TERRANOVA ANYMORE. This is mainly due to the lack of planning used by Builders and it has gotten unacceptable. 

Existing towns do have the chance to revised and upgrade their towns to meet the revised code, but failure to do so will result in certain deletion as the Terranova map continues through its cleansing process. EXISTING TOWN OWNERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A DRAWN PLAN WITH A DYNMAP UNDERLAY, but may do so and submit to SHIFTMASTER at there own will (this will only help you keep your town more.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me with a /mail in game.

--Shiftmaster, Creative Head-Admin & Server Map Master Planner.

Cakenonymous "arcania" "toungsten" o i am laffin
MrElow Will largebiome be up for download on the site?
_Zebra_ @ WoK Creative
I left a message on a plot in Toungsten wondering if the church plot was trad or modern, i was hoping it was modern but ...

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